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Many of us rely on a nice, warm or hot shower to wake us up in the morning, to warm us up, and to give us thinking time to prepare for the day ahead. However, this relaxing and soothing way to wake up in the morning could be disrupted by an inoperative hot water heater.

Barrington Heating & Air offers the best HVAC services, including water heater repair and installation. We’ve been serving the residents of Barrington with HVAC services since 1967, so we know a thing or two about uncooperative water heaters and about your heating and cooling system. When you need a helping hand, give us a call, anytime day or night!


  • No hot water

  • Run out of hot water

  • Rust-colored water

  • Water is too hot

  • Foul smells from your water

  • Water leaking from the top or the bottom of water heater



When you’ve been around as long as Barrington Heating & Air, you’ve seen almost every HVAC problem imaginable, including every water heater problem as well. When our professional HVAC specialists show up for a call for a water heater repair, we remain cool, calm, and collected because nothing surprises us anymore. We also offer 24/7 emergency repair services because we know that when your water heater breaks, it doesn’t care if it’s in the middle of the night or on a weekend. We love helping our customers have hot water again, as well as heating and cooling when they need it. Below, we’ll take a look at some of the most common water heater repairs we see. Contact us today to learn more!


By far this is the most common complaint Barrington Heating & Air receives when we get a call about a broken water heater. This is because it’s the first sign of trouble and something that affects you on a day-by-day basis. Common causes of no hot water include a tripped breaker or a pilot light that went out. These are simple fixes you can do at your home. You simply flip the breaker back to ‘connected’ and turn the pilot light back on. Give your water heater time to heat the water and then check it.

If there is still no hot water, you probably have a bigger problem going on and will need to make a call to us, your local HVAC company, for help. You may be looking at a broken heating element, a broken thermostat, or other malady.


Your water is supposed to be clear. If you see colored water coming from your hot water tap, then this is a sign that your water heater has rusted and is beginning to corrode. There is not a DIY fix for rust-colored water from your water heater. You will need to replace your anode rod to prevent the rust, or you may need a water heater replacement. When you call your local HVAC technician, Barrington Heating


Water heater leaks are easily noticed since you will see water around your water heater that should not be there. There are many causes of water heater leaks, such as broken drain valve caused by too much pressure in your tank, too much condensation buildup, or even rust to the point a leak forms. The plumbing connections could be loose as well. There is no DIY fix for this water heater problem as well, so it’s best to call your HVAC company, Barrington Heating & Air, for an inspection and a water heater repair.


Running out of hot water can be a common occurrence if you use a lot of hot water around the same time, such as the entire family showering in the morning. However, if there is no cause for your hot water to run out and it is happening frequently, it may be time for an inspection and a possible water heater repair. The thermostat could be faulty, the vent could be obstructed, the dip tube could be malfunctioning, or your water heater could be too small for your usage. One option is to invest in a tankless water heater that heats your water on demand. Ask us about tankless water heaters today!

It’s not too much to ask that, when you pay for an operational water heater, to have hot water ready when you need it. At Barrington Heating & Air, we understand how infuriating it can be when your faucets run cold. That’s why our expert service technicians are ready to help when your water heater breaks.


The fact that we have been around for over 50 years should be a testament to the high-quality work we do and to the skill our HVAC technicians offer. Having hot water is essential when you want to get clean, do laundry, wash your hands, and wash your dishes. Barrington Heating & Air can help with your water heater repair and all your heating and cooling installation and maintenance needs. Call us today!

With more than five decades of experience in the industry, Barrington Heating & Air has performed hundreds of water heater installations and repairs. We streamlined our service call process to help handle your water heater issues quickly and affordably. Our industry-leading expertise and equipment ensure you receive the best service as fast as possible.

We’re also dedicated to saving you money. The expert technicians at Barrington Heating & Air will thoroughly vet your water heater to determine the issue. Then, we will communicate the most cost-effective solution for you. Most of the time this will be in the form of repairs, but occasionally it will mean replacement of your unit. Whatever the outcome, Barrington Heating & Air can help.

From basic maintenance to the installation of a new unit, whether it be a new tankless heater or an older model, we have the knowledge, resources, and equipment to ensure your complete satisfaction. Trust Barrington Heating & Air for your next service. Schedule your appointment now!

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