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A/C Services

As Barrington’s most-trusted local HVAC service provider, our team strives to ensure every resident in our community is comfortable in their own home. Air Conditioning is a vital part of this. It makes the temperature of your home pleasant and your air quality healthy. This is why we strive to make the installation or repair of your A/C unit as convenient and affordable as possible.

Residential HVAC installation and repair services make up the backbone of our business. Our professional technicians are the best in Barrington at providing you with unquestionable service and work ethic. Our techniques are implemented with efficiency and quality in mind and our customer care is unmatched. Each and every one of our certified technicians are trained to the highest industry standards, allowing us to provide you everything you deserve from your HVAC company.

With over 50 years in the industry, Barrington Heating & Air is Northern Illinois’ preferred air conditioning service provider. From routine cleaning and maintenance to extensive repairs and replacements, trust Barrington Heating & Air for guaranteed satisfaction in your HVAC service. Schedule your service today!

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