It's inevitable that dust, dirt, pet hair and dander, and other particulates will find their way into your home. So, it’s no surprise that all these particles eventually find their way into your HVAC system. The ductwork in your home — along with your system's air handler or blower motor — is responsible for carrying and circulating cool or warm air throughout each room. Over time, these particulates are picked up by that airflow. While they are generally filtered out by your existing filter (or reduced by a whole-house indoor air quality system, if you have one installed) these particulates will build up inside your vents over time. The solution: a full service duct cleaning. However, not all duct cleaning services are created equal!

What a duct cleaning does for your home and HVAC system

An air duct cleaning requires a special vacuum and brush to help clean and dislodge debris in your air ducts. If you have recently done some home improvements — or it seems like your house is full of dust regardless of how much you clean — it’s definitely time to schedule! It is recommended by the EPA to have a duct cleaning at least once every 2-3 years. The EPA also recommends duct cleanings if you have experienced a rodent problem or if you have mold growth in your HVAC system.

Why our duct cleaning service is different

If you’ve done any searching, calling, or Googling — you can confirm that there are planty of options out there for duct cleaning services, and many of them can seem very cheap at first. Although the cheaper route might feel like the best way to go and a great value, you will usually get what you pay for… which could be the bare minimum.

Not to mention, you may find that with other services you’ll get a great price up front, only to find out that it’s not what it seemed. Once they step foot in your home, many companies start adding on additional charges; for example, additional costs depending on the number of vents you have!

We prefer to be honest, fair, and up front with our customers about our duct cleaning and how much it costs. Our prices may be higher that some you have found, but it will be the price for the whole professional service: no add-on charges, no hidden costs, and no gimmicks.

What’s included in duct cleaning service from Barrington Heating and Air?

We also believe in going far above and beyond for our customers, especially when it comes to indoor air quality. Before our technicians even begin an air duct cleaning in your home, they will perform a thorough inspection of your duct work itself. This is an important step as, among other things, it will help us determine if there is a leak somewhere that is impacting your system. In addition, your home’s vents are sealed before the actual cleaning to ensure that no pollutants are released into your home while the cleaning is in progress.

Then, we use a HEPA-filtered vacuum that connects to your ductwork which removes dust, allergens, and other contaminants. Compressed air is forced through the vacuum to expel any dirt, dust, or debris that could be stuck deep within the system. In other words, our full service duct cleaning is far more than just a surface-level cleaning and includes a deep duct brushing as well.

Why you should choose Barrington Heating for your duct cleaning

We have a long history in the Barrington community, having begun as a family-owned business back in 1967. In the decades since, our customers have told us they value the personalized service and honest, up-front pricing we offer. To this day, we remain family-owned and service-focused. Call us at 847-381-6853 or contact us online to schedule your appointment, or find more details about our duct cleaning service here.

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