Many household items around our home need routine cleaning or maintenance every once in a while. This includes our refrigerators, dishwashers, and many other appliances that you may not think to get it done. The dryer vents in your home need to be cleaned to avoid issues with your dryer and most importantly to keep you, your family, and your home safe.

Why do I need a dryer vent cleaning?

Protect your home from a house fire. Routine dryer vent cleanings can help protect your home from fires. It’s estimated by the National Fire Protection Association that at least 2900 fires are reported annually due to clogged dryer vents. Static electricity can be just enough to start a flame. Its recommended that the lint and debris are cleaned from the lint trap every time you use your dryer. If your dryer vent is clogged with lint, it can overwork your dryer – which could potentially blow a circuit and may cause an electrical fire.

Maintain the life expectancy of your dryer with dryer vent cleanings. Routine dryer vent cleanings decrease the chances of breakdowns and repairs. Dryer vents full of lint can damage the electrical components of your dryer and cause your system to overwork itself and overheat. If routine dryer vent cleanings are ignored, the dryer will continue to overwork itself and will lead to decreased efficiency. This means that if these cleanings are ignored, chances are you will need a new dryer sooner rather than later.

Your clothes will dry more quickly with a clean dryer vent. Have you ever gone to check the clothes in the dryer and after a while of being in the dryer, the clothes are still wet? This is a sign that your dryer vent needs to be cleaned or it’s clogged. Once again, if your system is taking longer to dry your clothes, this will cause the system to become overworked. Plus, if clothes are left in the dryer wet, it can make the clothes smell and cause bacteria and mold growth in your dryer.

Steps we take to clean your dryer vent

Our technicians take a few steps to ensure that your dryer vent is clear from lint and debris. Here are the steps we take:

  • We unplug the unit and remove the tube from the way. Then the dryer cap is removed.
  • We slide a snake brush down the vent while turning the brush to expel any lint lodged in the vent.
  • We make sure to hit every nook and cranny with the snake brush to ensure we hit each corner of where the buildup can be.
  • We vacuum any leftover lint from each end of the pipe.
  • The dryer vent and pipe are put back together and plugged in.

Let the Pros at Barrington Heating Help!

Although a dryer vent cleaning may seem like an easy task, there are a few things to take into consideration before cleaning your dryer vents. If the dryer vent is longer than expected, you may not have the equipment to completely dislodge any lint from the pipe – which can lead to your dryer vent pipe becoming clogged. Call us any time or contact us online to book your dryer vent cleaning today!

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