Like many appliances in your home and your HVAC system, your humidifier needs attention as well to make sure that it’s functioning properly. One of the most important components of your humidifier is actually a replaceable one - the humidifier pad inside! Just like the filter in your HVAC system, the humidifier pad needs to be periodically changed. It’s also referred to as a “water panel.”

Why you should change your humidifier pad regularly

Essentially, the humidifier pad is designed to retain water; this is central to how the humidifier works. With a whole home humidifier, the air flowing through your HVAC system – whether it’s heating or cooling – passes through the humidifier (and the pad.) This adds moisture to the air before it’s distributed throughout your home.

We recommend replacing the pad inside your humidifier at least once per year. However, due to many factors such as weather conditions and the water quality will affect this. For example, your author’s humidifier pad requires replacing much more often than just once per year, due to poor quality “city water” that quickly clogs up the filter!

How water itself affects the humidifier pad

Over time, minerals and calcium in your water can build up on the water panel. Depending on the kind of water you have, you may want to change the pad more frequently. These mineral deposits can easily clog up the filter, preventing it from holding the amount of water necessary to properly humidify the home. Also keep in mind that mold and bacteria can also grow on the humidifier pad; installing a whole home air purification system can help remediate this from happening – as well as helping to prevent damage to other components of your system (and purifying the air, too!).

Have questions about your humidifier pad and/or humidifier?

If you are worried about your humidifier’s performance – or would like to have the pad professionally replaced – call our dispatch office any time at 847-381-6853 and we’ll be happy to set up an appointment. We will send a technician out to look at the system, change the pad, and if needed we can also provide a quote for a replacement humidifier if yours is seeing its age!

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