After a long, cold winter — many of us are looking forward to the warmer weather to start. Now that it’s here, most of us can’t wait to get outdoors to enjoy the summer sun while we can. But some of us dread this time of year due to allergies.

What is pollen?

The CDC describes pollen as tiny seeds produced by flowers, trees, and other plants as part of their reproductive system. As the wind blows, the tiny seeds go airborne.

Allergies and Pollen

According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, an allergy to pollen is also known as “seasonal allergic rhinitis”. Stuffy nose, scratchy throat, and itchy eyes are common this time of year thanks to pollen.

How to avoid allergies due to pollen

You may not see it but pollen can cling to your clothes and hair. Here are a few things you can do to avoid allergic reactions and relieve symptoms:

  • Keep windows closed and stay inside when there is a high pollen count
  • After spending time outside, change clothes
  • Wash bedding regularly
  • Bathe daily
  • Use an air filter with higher MERV rating
  • Get routine, professional duct cleanings from Barrington Heating & Air
  • /contact-us with a professional HVAC technician from Barrington Heating to install an iWAVE-R

At Barrington Heating and Air, we understand the effects that allergies can have on your health– that’s why we stock and install whole home air purification systems, including the iWAVE-R! We also install UV lights. The iWAVE-R and a UV light is your best line of defense against allergies!

UV lights are a simple, low cost solution that may help to reduce symptoms of allergies. UV lights disinfect the air and HVAC system of pathogens, germs, mold and mildew. But a UV light may not be as effective at reducing particulates, such as pollen, in the air.

The iWave-R Is a whole home air purification system that eliminates particulates in the air by using bipolar ionization technology. As air passes the iWave, it creates equal amounts of positive and negative ions which then begin to flow throughout your HVAC system. The ions deplete bacteria and mold of hydrogen molecules, causing them to be unable to reproduce.

Once the ions have been deprived of hydrogen molecules, the pollen and other particulates (e.g. dust, pet dander, etc) will cling to ions. This makes the particles clump together which makes it easier for the particulates to be caught and trapped by your air filter.

The technicians at Barrington Heating & Air highly recommend that the iWave-R be installed tandem with a UV light in your system for the best of both worlds!

How do I get a whole-home air purification system to reduce pollen and allergens?

You can rely on our highly skilled and professional HVAC specialists for all of your indoor air quality upgrades!

Our technicians can install an iWave-R system and/or UV light to help relieve your allergies and minimize the amount of mold, germs, dust, and pathogens in your home. A UV light and iWave-r can be installed in mostly any existing duct-based HVAC system.

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