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The Chicago-area is famous for its harsh winters. From snow to wind and ice, when winter comes, it can strike ferociously. Thus, it can be easy to feel cold a lot of the time, even while at home. However, there are some simple things you can do to stay warm during the winter.

Barrington Heating and Air offers the best residential and commercial HVAC services to local residents, including furnace installation and duct cleaning to air conditioning maintenance and hot water heater repair. When the wind starts to blow in Barrington, we’ve got your needs covered. Continue reading for our tips to stay warm during the winter, and contact our HVAC company to get started today!


Dress Warmly

While this tip may seem intuitive, many people resist bundling up, perhaps because they don’t like to feel bulky. However, dressing for the weather doesn’t necessarily mean wearing five shirts. You can invest in long underwear and a high-quality wool sweater and be toasty warm all day long. Wear a hat, even in the house. You lose a lot of heat from your head, so simply wearing a hat all the time will keep you warmer. You can also try flannel-lined pants for an added bonus.

Stay Active

When you move, your body generates heat. If you are in your home and you start to feel cold, get up and do some quick chores around the house, from taking the trash out to straightening up your closets. Or, go for a walk around the neighborhood or even hit the gym. You’ll be warm in just a few minutes and be healthier, too.

Cook Warm Food

One of the easiest and quickest ways to warm your body is by ingesting hot food or drink. When you are planning your menu for the week, include lots of stews and soups, as well as chili and meats. If you are feeling cold, drink a cup of coffee, hot chocolate, or tea, which will not only make you warm, but will also give you energy. Another tip is to bake something in the oven. Your kitchen will become warm thanks to the oven, and you’ll have a yummy treat to fend off the cold!

Take Advantage of the Sun

The sun is the source of all energy here on planet earth, even the fossil fuels you are using are made from the remains of plants and animals that used the sun for energy. Thus, when the sun shines here in Barrington, open up your blinds, and let the sun in. It can quickly help to heat your home, and thus you’ll save money because you’ll use less energy. Furthermore, there’s a reason your cat lays in the sun. They are soaking up the sun’s heat. You, too, can sit in the sun when it shines through your window, and you’ll feel warm quickly.

Warm Up Your Bed

Many people hate crawling into a cold bed at night. By heating up your bed, you’ll resist the urge to turn your thermostat up. Simply use an electric blanket that has an automatic shut off, or heat up a water bottle before bed to place by your feet. This water bottle will stay warm most of the night, keeping your feet toasty warm and helping you to feel warmer as well.


Barrington Heating and Air Conditioning has been serving the Barrington area since 1967 with the best residential and commercial heating and cooling services. We are passionate about keeping you comfortable all year long, and our HVAC technicians are ready 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to help you. Here’s more information from our technicians on how to keep your furnace running in tip top shape for winter.

Our locally-owned HVAC company can help with furnace repair, air conditioning installation, ductwork cleaning, and water heater installation services. We offer financing for those who need it, as well as free estimates. Check our website frequently for updated specials that can save you some money. If you are in need of furnace maintenance, which can help your furnace to run more efficiently during the winter and ward off major repairs, or an estimate for a new furnace, give our heating company a call today!

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