Tips to Stay Cool During the Summer

Most people look forward to summer, especially if you've had a long, cold winter. Summer offers the chance to be outside for a good part of the day, soak in some sunshine, and just enjoy nature. When the birds sing, welcoming the morning, the morning dew shimmers on the grass, and the squirrels hop to and fro across the street seemingly haphazardly, we feel alive as well and ready to start our days.

However, when the summer days get hot and temperatures push into the upper 80s and lower 90s, it can be miserable in Barrington. Add in the humidity, and you may find yourself retreating indoors instead of clamoring for the sun. Luckily, Barrington Heating and Air has got your cooling needs covered.

Barrington Heating and Air Conditioning has been a staple of this community since 1967. We love helping our customers stay comfortable, whether it's with a warm indoor environment in the winter or a cool retreat in the summer. We offer both residential and commercial heating and air services to meet your continuing needs. Our expert HVAC technicians are great at diagnosing and repairing your HVAC system. We also offer new air conditioning installation, as well as furnace installation services. Below, we'll offer up some tips on how you can stay cool in the summer. Give us a call today!


Stay Hydrated

Your body needs water in order to function optimally. However, during the hot summer months your body also loses water quite quickly due to sweating, which is your body's effort to keep you cool. Drinking water is the best; however, drinking any liquid is better than no liquid at all, and if you are exercising, drinking electrolytes with your water will help you recover faster in the heat. Although you may love coffee, limit the amount you drink as it naturally dehydrates you rather than hydrates you.

Avoid the Hottest Part of the Day

During the heat of the day, from 10 am to about 3 pm, the sun is at its apex and is thus at its hottest. Not only are your chances of being sunburnt increased during this time, but you will lose water faster as well. Thus, try to plan all of your physical activities early in the morning, such as your exercise or even running errands around town. Then plan on staying inside with your new air conditioning unit installed by Barrington Heating and Air Conditioning to stay cool.

Eat Cooling Foods

Foods that are hot heat up your body, and when you ingest them in the summer, can cause you to sweat in order to cool down, which dehydrates you. When you eat cold food, it can cause your body to cool down, which is great during the dog-days of summer. Foods such as watermelon and popsicles not only have a high water content, so you are gaining hydration, but they are cold and will cool you down as well.

Wear Light-Colored and Light-Fabric Clothing

You want to wear light-colored clothing because light colors don't absorb sunlight like dark colors do. Dark colors absorb more light energy, and in fact, the closer the color is to black, the more energy it absorbs. Light colors reflect more of this light energy, so are thus cooler to wear, keeping you cooler as well. Also, Barrington Heating and Air recommends that you want to stick to cottons and synthetics as much as possible during the summer. The thicker the fabric, the hotter you'll be.


Barrington Heating and Air Conditioning offers the best air conditioning repairs and installation services. We also offer AC clean and checks, where we perform your annual maintenance on your air conditioning unit in order to keep it running smoothly and efficiently. We offer 24/7 emergency repair services, so if your AC goes out in the middle of the day on a hot July day, give us a call.

By partnering with us, you can rest assured that your cooling needs will be met. We also understand that having to replace your AC unit unexpectedly can be an expense you weren't planning on. Thus, we offer financing for your new AC unit so you won't have to worry. Call our team today!

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