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As summer comes to an end, the crisp, fall days arrive. For many, this is a welcome respite from the hot, humid summer days that Northern Illinois is known for. The afternoons are the perfect temperature to go for a walk or a bike ride and take in the abundance of color that dots neighborhoods, including Barrington. Yet as fall approaches, that means that winter is not far behind. While you’re sure your furnace is ready for the upcoming cold since you just invested in a furnace clean and check with Barrington Heating and Air, you’re thinking about your AC unit. It’s getting on in age, and now that the dog days of summer are almost over, you wonder if it’s time for an air conditioner replacement.

Barrington Heating and Air has been serving the residents of Barrington since 1967. From air conditioning installation to furnace repair, we’ve got your HVAC systems covered. We understand how important it is to be comfortable at home. After all, home is your safety net, and you want to be able to relax in your pajamas on the weekends. Below, we’ll go over some of reasons why fall is the perfect time to replace your air conditioning unit. Call our HVAC specialists to get started today!


No Waiting Times

Spring and early summer are the top times for HVAC companies to install air conditioning systems in homes and businesses because of the demand of the season. This means that if you purchase a new AC unit, odds are, you will have to wait for AC installation service. This could mean that you’ll have to put up with an inefficient cooling system that is costing you money in utility bills, or you’ll have no air conditioning at all. However, by installing a new air conditioner in the fall, there won’t be any delay in your service. This also means you’ll get great service since there’s no rush to get out the door and onto the next customer who is suffering from the heat as well.

Time to Research

Since you don’t need your AC unit for at least six months, you now have the time to investigate all of the available options on the market for air conditioning units. Air conditioning systems have come a long way just in the last decade. Modern AC units are energy-efficient and offer superb climate control systems. Many run on smart home technology, which can end up saving you big-time on utility costs. With some cooling systems offering zoned cooling, humidity control, and even cooling and heating at the same time, you can choose the perfect AC unit to meet your needs without feeling the pressure to choose a cooling system because your home is unbearably hot.

Take Advantage of Price Savings

Many HVAC companies offer deals on their air conditioning installation services during the fall. With less demand, prices and sales have dropped, so oftentimes, the air conditioning manufacturer will be offering deals, including financing deals, just to move more of their product before winter hits. When you combine these too, this savings could add up big time, and the extra money you save could be put towards other needs you may have, like a bigger Christmas this year.

Cost Savings from a Newer, More Efficient AC Unit

With the advancements in technology, not only are AC units lasting longer, but they are also more energy efficient. If your air conditioning system is getting up there in years, odds are, you are spending more money than you need to be in order to be cooling your home. It’s worth considering an air conditioner replacement because the money you will save in utility bills alone could cover the cost of your AC upgrade quite quickly.

Consider the Size of Your System

Many people invest in home improvements, such as adding a new addition, remodeling their kitchen or bathroom, adding in energy-efficient windows, knocking down a wall to open up their space, and more. Your cooling system was designed to cool your home when it was installed. Thus, if you’ve had a significant change, such as adding rooms in your basement, your air conditioning may be the wrong size. This can cause undue wear and tear if your AC unit is working harder to cool you home, and it may not be cooling your new space adequately. The humidity control may not work properly. There are a lot of reasons to ensure your AC system is suitable for your space. When you call for an air conditioning clean and check service from Barrington Heating and Air, our top-notch HVAC technicians can help you determine your AC unit’s suitability.


Air conditioning units are vital here in Barrington when the hot summer months hit. Not only do they keep us comfortable while at home, but they also keep us safe from heat-related conditions. When you are proactive about your cooling system, you can definitely save money, indeed.

In addition, Barrington Heating and Air offers 24/7 emergency HVAC services. We prioritize emergency calls, so we’ll send out an HVAC technician as soon as possible. We understand that not only is it miserable to go without air conditioning, but it can be a health and safety hazard as well, since every year in the Chicago-area people die of heat stroke during the hot summer months. Call our air conditioning company for a free estimate today!

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