You woke up this morning with no AC.. Now what? It's possible that freezing is the issue, but how do you know? Here's some helpful tips!

My AC is frozen… what do I do now?

You woke up this morning with no AC.. Now what? It’s possible that freezing is the issue, but how do you know?

Check for condensation and ice

Check the condenser, the lines that lead to and from the house, and by your furnace for any visible traces of condensation, water, or ice. You may be wondering: It’s so hot out, so why am I looking for ice? The refrigerant in your system – also sometimes referred to as “freon” (it’s R-410A these days) goes between a gaseous and liquid state, depending where it is in your system. If you see ice on the lines or coil of your system, it’s likely the problem.

What to do if you find ice

If you see ice in your AC system, the coil may be frozen – could cause full system failure due to water damage. Also, if there’s barely any airflow coming from your vents, it could be due to the ice blocking the air. If you suspect that your system may be frozen (or there’s clear signs it is) turn the system off to let it thaw completely. This could take up to 24 hours, unfortunately. However, it’s an important step; in order for a certified HVAC technician to properly get a diagnosis for a repair, the system needs to be thawed. Homeowners are often tempted to turn the unit back on to see if it still works and think everything is okay – however, we recommend that you leave it off to prevent any further damage and call right away for service!

Why do AC coils freeze over, anyway?

There’s a few reasons why an AC coil may freeze over. Sometimes it’s just as simple as a filter change. Dust, pet hair, dirt and particulate matter can build up on your filter, which can decrease air flow in the system. When air does not properly flow through the unit, it can cause the refrigerant in your system to freezing temperatures – even if it’s 90 degrees outside! Your unit can also freeze over if the AC coil is dirty or leaking, or if the blower motor is bad.

If you are experiencing ice, water, or condensation around your AC, or the lines that run to it, call our friendly staff to schedule an appointment. Our highly trained and qualified HVAC technicians can properly diagnose your unit. You can call us anytime 24/7 for all of your HVAC needs. A friendly reminder: that if you do see ice or water, to turn off the unit so that our technicians can get a proper diagnosis.

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