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Let’s face it, no one likes to deal with any sort of heating and cooling problem, whether you are a homeowner or a business. Waking up to cold floors in the winter or serving up food to your restaurant patrons with no AC in the middle of summer can be unpleasant to say the least. Depending on your heating or cooling problem, it can be costly to repair. So how do you avoid costly HVAC repairs?

Barrington Heating and Air offers the best residential and commercial HVAC services, including heating and cooling repairs. Our top-rated HVAC specialists have years of experience in helping you maintain a comfortable living and working environment. We’ve been in business since 1967, and we’re proud to serve our community. Below, we’ll offer up tips on how to prevent costly HVAC repair. Contact our HVAC company to get started today!


Change Your Air Filters

While this can seem like a no-brainer, you’d be surprised at how often this is missed. Due to our hectic lives, many people simply forget to do this. After all, the AC unit and furnace are running smoothly, so changing air filters becomes out of sight, out of mind quickly. However, you should aim to check your air filters every month and change them out every month to three months. This will vary depending on how much you use your HVAC system. Most likely, your air filter will need to be changed every month if you run a commercial business. For homeowners, in general, the more people and pets you have, the more often you will need to change your air filters. Not only does this promote efficiency in your HVAC system, saving you money, but it will also prevent long-term excessive wear and tear, as well as damage to your HVAC system.

Schedule a Ductwork Inspection

Another commonly missed item of an HVAC system is the air ducts. Air ducts are vitally important. After all, they are responsible for delivering the conditioned air to your home or office. Without them, only the immediate area around your AC unit and furnace would be cool or warm. Ductwork can become clogged, and once that happens, your HVAC system has an extremely hard time of delivering the conditioned air to your home or office. This can cause undue wear and tear on your HVAC system as it struggles to keep your environment warm or cool. Plus, a clogged air duct system can lead to poor air quality as trapped pollutants, contaminants, and other allergens begin to be recirculated within your home or office instead of being removed. Barrington Heating and Air offers the best residential and commercial duct cleaning services. Call to schedule today!

Invest in Regular Professional Clean & Checks

Regular maintenance by a professional HVAC technician is extremely important to the overall health and longevity of your residential or commercial heating and cooling system. Professionals are trained to look for things you’d miss, such as small cracks, checking the drain lines, looking for leaks in your heat exchanger, noticing if the blower is not working properly or the pilot light is acting wonky, and more. You can prevent up to 95% of all HVAC repairs with just an annual HVAC maintenance inspection. Furthermore, your HVAC system will operate more efficiently, saving you money in utility costs in the long run. One more benefit: your HVAC system will last longer before you need a replacement service, which puts money in your pocketbook as well.


Despite our best efforts, residential and commercial HVAC systems still break down. Luckily, Barrington Heating and Air can help. Having over 50 years of experience, our HVAC specialists can quickly diagnose and repair your HVAC system, restoring comfort to your home or office. We understand how going without heating or air conditioning can be extremely agitating, which is why we offer 24/7 emergency HVAC repair services. No matter the time or day or the type of day, we can help. Should you need a full HVAC replacement service, we offer financing to help you relieve that burden as well. If you are in need of the best HVAC repair services for your home or office, give our HVAC company a call today!

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