Do you have a finished basement? Do you live in an area with potential flooding due to heavy rain or snow? Have you experienced flooding or dampness in your basement or crawlspace? Want to be able to fall asleep at night if it’s raining outside knowing your home is protected from a potential flood? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then a properly working sump pump is a must.

How a Sump Pump Works

As it rains or snows outside, water saturates the ground and collects under the foundation of your home. A sump pump’s main purpose is to move water away from the foundation of the home to prevent flooding and moisture from rainfall or snowfall. The water drains into the sump basin, which is a pit installed in your basement floor or crawlspace. Once the sump basin is full, the sump pump pushes the water out of the sump basin and into a local sewage drain or outside farther away from your home.

Reasons You Need a Sump Pump

Without a properly functioning sump pump, homeowners are at risk of flooding, which could lead to a fire, mold, or other water damage. Even small amounts of water in a basement or crawlspace can lead to damage of drywall, carpeting, appliances, and sentimental items that can’t be replaced. Remediating these issues can be very costly, even with homeowner’s insurance.

Types of Sump Pumps

There are different kinds of sump pumps, with each type having its own benefits. The most commonly used is known as a submersible sump pump, which is more durable and operates more quietly than other sump pumps. Our technicians can help determine which sump pump is best for your space.

Sump Pumps With Battery Backup Systems

A battery backup system for your sump pump is another way you can protect your home from flooding. If the power goes out during a storm, the battery backup system will take over since there is no power to operate the main pump. The battery backup system can also turn on if the main pump malfunctions or if the main pump can’t keep up with the precipitation. This will decrease your chance of a flood and provide peace of mind knowing that your home and belongings are safe from water damage.

How We Can Help

Barrington Heating and Air can remove an old sump pump and install a new, high-efficiency sump pump system in your home. All work, including our HVAC services as well, that is completed by our friendly and professional staff is satisfaction guaranteed and has a one-year warranty. We’ve been seving Barrington and the surrounding area for decades; let us help you with your sump pump installation!

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