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Here in Barrington, winters can get cold — the kind of cold that when you look out your window, you are exceedingly glad you live within four walls that is heated by an exceptional HVAC system provided by Barrington Heating and Air.

But, in the event that you’re having problems with your furnace, we’re here to help. When the Northern Illinois winds start to blow, chances are it’s due to one of these common furnace issues. Thankfully, our professional team of local HVAC technicians can help you fix the issue with service around the clock – call 847-381-6853 24/7 if you need emergency repairs!

In the mean time, let’s explore some of the common problems your furnace might face during the winter, especially if it hasn’t been maintained in some time.

Common Winter Furnace Issues

1. A Dirty Air Filter

Your furnace is going to be running a lot with the winters we see here in the Barrington area. This means that your home or office’s air is being circulated many, many times. Naturally, the air filter inside your HVAC system — through which all said air is passing — gets dirty over time. Clogged air filters can cause inefficiencies in your HVAC system, causing it to work harder than it should. This can not only cause you higher home or office electric bills, but it can lead to more wear and tear on your furnace, reducing its useful life. If it’s been a while since your furnace system has been tuned up, or if you’re not sure of the last time you changed the filter, give us a call and we’ll get things cleaned up.

2. Thermostat Malfunctions

Your thermostat is not only responsible for reading the temperature of your home, but it is also responsible for telling your furnace when to turn on and off (and, on some furnaces, how much power to use). While thermostats are generally quite reliable, they do wear out and occasionally experience issues, either the device itself or something in the in-home wiring.

So, your furnace is cycling strangely, turning on and off randomly, won’t turn on at all, or the temperature is all over the place — give us a call.

3. No Heat Is Coming Out

If your system appears to be running but no hot air is being produced, this is a sure-fire sign that your furnace needs repair. Some of the issues leading to this could stem from the pilot light on your furnace, the thermostat, the blower, an electrical problem, or other issues. Give us a call and our technicians can perform a thorough diagnostic, provide a quote for the repair, and get heat restored to your home in no time. Our techs service all makes and models of furnace equipment, and you can call us 24/7!

4. Combustion Issues

If you own a gas furnace, then it operates by combustion. This is the chemical process where the fuel (natural gas) reacts with oxygen and produces heat. This requires ignitors to ignite the fuel in the burners. If there’s a problem with the combustion in the furnace, the most obvious result is that it cannot heat your home properly. Worse, it could cause carbon monoxide to leak into your home. If you aren’t getting any heat from your furnace at all, call us right away for an emergency furnace repair.

Book your furnace repair with Barrington Heating and Air

Barrington Heating and Air is proud to offer the highest-quality HVAC products and the best customer experience to Barrington homeowners and business owners alike. For over 50 years, we’ve been providing exceptional furnace and air conditioning services so that you have a cool home in the summer and a cozy home in the winter. As a fundamental human need, heating is important to your health and your safety. We offer 24-hour emergency HVAC services so you won’t freeze at night over the weekend, and we offer financing as well. This helps you alleviate the cost of a new furnace.

Barrington Heating and Air can’t wait to serve you. It’s important to note that for optimal heating and cooling, you need to take regular care of your HVAC system. By investing in our clean and checks for your furnace, you can ward off these common winter furnace problems and keep your utility bills low as your furnace runs smoothly. Call our heating and cooling company today for a free quote!

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