Barrington Heating & Air has been serving the residents of Barrington since 1967. In that time, we've learned a thing or two about heating and cooling, as well as hot water heaters and ductwork. We've also seen our fair share of heating and AC repairs as the preferred HVAC company in Northern Illinois. Thus, we've learned what the most common AC repairs are, and our experienced HVAC technicians know exactly how to fix them. Below, we'll go over a bit more in detail the most common air conditioning repairs we see. Call our HVAC company to get started today!


Air Conditioner is Blowing Hot Air

This is one of the most common air conditioning repairs we see here in Barrington. When your AC unit stops blowing cold air, there are a number of causes. You may not have changed out your filter recently, your thermostat could either be set wrong or it could be broken, or there could be items, such as furniture, blocking your vents and returns. Other causes could be faulty ductwork or a leak in the refrigerant. To be honest, there are so many possible causes of your air conditioner blowing hot air that it is best to call your local air conditioning company, Barrington Heating and Air, for an inspection, diagnostic, and AC service right away.

AC Unit is Dripping Water

There should be no moisture coming from your AC unit, so noticing some around your AC unit that shouldn’t be there is a concern for an HVAC technician near you. It could be that refrigerant is leaking from the drain line (this will also result in a hot house) that, in turn, builds up on the coils, which then forms pools of water around your AC unit. If your coils are frozen, there is probably a lack of airflow around your AC unit or in your AC unit. Debris could be blocking airflow, as well as a dirty air filter or ductwork that is blocked. One call to us for air conditioning repair can have you squared away.

Strange Noises Emanate From Your AC Unit

It’s normal to hear the fan of your air conditioning unit blowing. However, when this noise becomes irksome, it’s time to call Barrington Heating & Air for air conditioner repair. Screeching noises can be coming from the blower motor, which indicates a bearing problem or a belt that is about to break. Clanging noises typically accompany a motor problem. The blower could have something stuck in the blades, a compressor may be failing, hardware within your AC unit may be loose, and the list truly goes on and on.

Many people don’t understand that cooling systems are made of a variety of parts that, when working together, do an amazing job. However, when on part breaks, your entire cooling system is affected.

Air Conditioner Stops Working Completely

When your AC unit stops working completely, this is often a sign it has given up the ghost. Hopefully, however, there are a few simple things it could be that could do the trick. We recommend you change the batteries to your thermostat if it runs off batteries. This may likely be the case. Also, it could be a breaker that tripped, especially if demand for air conditioning is high in your neighborhood, so all you’d have to do is switch it back. Check the temperature settings on your thermostat as well; it could very well still be set for winter temperatures, or someone could have turned it up and forgot about it. If these simple solutions aren’t it, then it’s best to call your local HVAC company, Barrington Heating & Air, for a full inspection today!


When you have over 50 years of experience in heating and cooling systems, most HVAC repairs are a walk in the park for our talented team. After an inspection, we can diagnose your cooling problem and get your system up and running again in no time. We understand how important it is to have a working cooling system in the middle of summer in Northern Illinois, which is why we offer 24/7 emergency HVAC services. Call us today to get started!

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