It's a big investment upgrading to a new HVAC system. Many homeowners will try to go the more affordable route and decide to go with repairs to keep the system up and running. As the system gets older, it may be time to consider your options as far as replacement. The cost of many repairs adds up and you may be saving more money than you think financing a new heating and cooling system.

All About HVAC Financing from Barrington Heating

Tired of throwing dollars at that old HVAC unit? Constant repairs on your furnace and AC add up. Before you know it, the amount you spent on repairs could have been a good chuck of money towards a new unit. If you are looking to upgrade your unit sooner rather than later, financing can be the perfect solution. We offer several different affordable financing options which can help you get an upgraded system quickly and without having to give up a big chunk of change for it. We offer different options suited for your home’s heating and cooling needs and plan accordingly within your budget.

How does HVAC financing work?

Just like a car or anything you may have financed in the past, HVAC financing works in a similar way. At the time of your appointment, our technicians can show you through the process of the application to make sure you are approve. We can help you see which best options you qualify for and go over your options from there. You will make an account so that you can check your balance and make the appropriate payments.Some of our options include 0% options and some even offer no prepayment penalties if you decide at any moment in time to pay it off completely. You can also finance most upgrades with your new unit such as whole home humidifiers, whole home purification systems, UV lights, and other new equipment.

Our professional staff at Barrington Heating and Air is here to help with all of your heating and cooling needs. If you are looking to upgrade your HVAC system, we offer free quotes on new HVAC systems and can have our technician go over our financing options with you. Call us today at 847-381-6853 or contact us online to get scheduled!

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