Modern HVAC systems are truly a wonder of technology and convenience! Did you know that, today, you can control your home temperature remotely and even have a smart thermostat manage your energy use to save money? You can even install indoor air quality upgrades that clean the air in your home, reducing viruses and pollutants. All of these improvements are a great home investment to make, and one that pays dividends both now and later.

1. You can lower your utility bills and save money over time.

Switching out your old heating and cooling system for a newer high-efficiency system will cost significantly less to operate over time, in terms of energy costs. Older HVAC systems that are less efficient tend to run more often and more frequently, raising your energy bill and draining money like a vampire!

2. You can reduce repair costs significantly.

New high-efficiency furnaces and air conditioners, due to the technology updates that have happened over time, can operate with less stress — and less frequently. This translates into fewer breakdowns, and a more reliable system regardless of the weather. Of course, this also means that you’ll save money by avoiding repairs that would be commonplace in older HVAC equipment.

3. You can improve your home equity and increase the value of your home.

While we all know updating your home’s countertops, flooring, fixtures, windows, and numerous other upgrades can increase your home’s value. However, homeowners too often forget how centrally important the HVAC system is, and neglect to have it upgraded.

During an inspection, savvy homebuyers are going to take this into consideration. Not only can an outdated HVAC system be used as a “bargaining chip” to lower the offer, homebuyers will also be considering how much it will cost to replace or keep serviced in the future. Upgrading to a newer, high-efficiency HVAC system resolves this problem and can even become a selling point, especially if you’ve added additional features such as indoor air quality upgrades or a smart thermostat system.

4. You can achieve more peace of mind, control of your HVAC system from anywhere, and save even more on energy costs.

Speaking of smart thermostats, these upgrades give you temperature control no matter when or where you might be, due to remote access through your smartphone. When you’re heading home from a long day at work in the middle of an unplanned blizzard or cold snap, the last thing you want to do is walk into a cold house! With a smart thermostat upgrade, you can adjust the temperature right from your phone. These systems also include advanced learning algorithms to help improve energy use in the home; one example is ecobee’s technology — eco+ — which can help you save 10-20% or more on your energy bill.

5. You can improve the health of your family and the environment.

One of the most important benefits to a new HVAC system is cleaner air. Older HVAC systems in a home run a greater risk of releasing carbon monoxide or other unwanted pollutants… or even suffering a catastrophic failure. New furnace systems tend to use less fuel, and new air conditioning systems use less energy; this, of course, is better for the Earth. Finally, HVAC systems that have been upgraded with whole-home air purification systems such as the iWave-R can reduce the amount of viruses, allergens, particulates, and other pollutants inside the air your family breathes every day.

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From lower utility bills to cleaner air and peace of mind, an investment in HVAC upgrades can help to increase the value of your home. This investment also pays “dividends” over time in the form of money saved on energy use and unnecessary repairs. All you have to do is contact our friendly staff at 847-381-6853, 24 hours a day. You can also contact us online to request an estimate. We’ll contact you personally to get you scheduled for a free estimate with one of our technicians.

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